What does it mean to create a beneficial experience for everyone?

The last question in developing the idea of digital citizenship is looking at whether something benefits everyone. To get to this point, you must have already answered “Yes” to all the other questions, “Is it the truth? Is it fair? Will it build goodwill and friendship?” otherwise it cannot be beneficial to all. Someone may feel excluded or it may be benefiting one group more than another.

In places where the welfare of the community is placed above the welfare of a single individual, people’s actions tend to reflect this. Littering is bad for the community, so everyone is respectful and uses the garbage cans. Festivals and events that bring people together are encouraged. It is from this idea of community that the saying “It takes a village to raise a child” comes from. To leverage the community to help raise a child benefits everyone in the community. Children are raised in a safe place with the benefit of the love and experiences of many diverse people. They build a strong connection and bond with that community.

This community focus extends beyond the people who live there to the buildings and the environment. Everything belongs to the community and as member of that community everything in that space is respected.

How do you create a space or experience that is beneficial to everyone?

As there are so many variables to consider it often takes a lot of thought and planning. It requires you to take input and suggestions from other people, seek out those opinions, understand where those opinions come from, and respect their perspectives. By building diverse communities you bring in different perspectives and experiences. Just like businesses with ethnic and gender diverse management teams function better, so do communities. You’re better able to answer the question about whether a decision is beneficial to all.

It is with this goal of digital citizenship in mind that our team created Mazu – a global village for children to feel valued and encouraged, and benefit from the collective support of a community. A space that is beneficial to everyone.

To be beneficial to children and parents we need your help. We need to hear what matters to you. How do we create a digital village for you and your children? Share your thoughts in the comments, or connect with us on social media in the links below.

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