Technology, in its various forms, (whether we want to admit it or not!) are making our bodies sad. From eye strain to heart disease, an unchecked lifestyle that surrounds itself with technology can have some lasting effects!  Here are 10 SUPER easy ideas that can help you and your family to help ward off any unwanted screen related ailments.

  1. Look away from your screen
    Set a timer for 20 minutes as a reminder to glance away from your screen this is important practice helps to reduce eye strain.  While you’re looking away try blinking. When we are starting at a screen we tend to blink 50% less!
  2. Stand up
    Sedentary lifestyles are a growing concern! They are related to Heart Disease, Diabetes and a host of other diseases. Try encouraging your family to dance on commercial breaks, or to set a timer every 20 minutes to get moving. These types of habits will have long-lasting positive effects.
  3. Strrrrrrrretch
    Be aware of your posture.  Are you slouching? Are you cross-legged?  When you take your “eyeball break” try stretching your arms and shoulders. By practicing this yourself, your kids will pick up on this best practice themselves.
  4. Limit your time
    Whenever possible aim to limit both you and your family’s time on screens. Set a time limit to ensure that you don’t succumb to the mindless scroll associated with social media. This will help you be intentional with your time online.
  5. Remember that “comparison is the thief of joy”
    The internet and traditional social media is a beautiful place in a lot of ways, but it also can be very dark and pull out some nasty qualities in each of us. One of them being jealousy. If you notice the jealousy monster creeping around specific people or pages… maybe don’t visit those! The intention is to find fulfillment and joy in your life. If it doesn’t “spark joy” as a wise Marie Kondo says, maybe toss it.
  6. For every 1 hour of screen time…
    Spend 10 minutes outside. This is just an arbitrary number and sounds good. Decide for you and your family what the trade-off will be. Protip: Spending 15 minutes outside has some great benefits such as de-stressing and improving moods!
  7. Pick one day a week…
    To go cellphone-less. Help avoid addiction and decide to leave the phone at home one day a week. Reconnect with your 90’s self!
  8. No cellphones at the dinner table
    This is an important one. Make dinnertime sacred in your house. Science points to the fact that adding technology to your table time is likely making you unhappy. Avoid the unhappiness and establish the rule of no phones.
  9. Be intentional – get those photos printed.
    How many thousands of photos do you have on your phone and social media accounts?  Challenge yourself to be intentional with your snaps and pick 10 you love every month to have a physical copy created! #BringBackThePhotoAlbum
  10. Be mindful
    All of these practices will help you and your family find mindfulness in their online and screen – time while also cultivating positive digital citizenship skills.  Watch your joy begin to overflow.
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What ways do you practice healthy digital and screen time habits?  Did we miss anything? Comment below.

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