Humans are storytellers.  It’s how we have communicated since the dawn of time. One study suggests that 65% of our everyday conversations are based on storytelling! This is why social media platforms exist. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become megaphones for the story of each of our lives. The problem we are facing is that they have also become an amplification for harassment, cyberbullying and relentless comparison. The dark side of social media has hurt the mental and emotional health of generations. These are heartbreaking repercussions from an unprecedented lurch forward in technology.  

Ten years ago the narrative looked far more optimistic than today.  Only a select few could see into the future and recognize the adversary that was wielding its power from the masses. As the 3 headed monster grew and began to engulf our lives and tamper with our privacy and safety, a small army grew with the mission to challenge this force.  They recognized the harm this unchecked power could cause for vulnerable youth. The untamed beast of social media by nature taunts and torments and in its wake children are the casualties. It is up to parents to challenge the norm and make the decision to move their young families away from these platforms.

Kids Story Family

Kids need a safe space while they are still growing and learning the necessary skills to become mindful digital citizens. Social media with training wheels would allow them to develop and grow their respect for technology, people and themselves. This type of space will change the social media beast’s course, diverting its power further and further away from it, and protect our most vulnerable from its grip.

Your story and your family’s stories deserve a safe space to be written and enjoyed…. and that is why we are here. “With great power comes great responsibility.” Uncle Ben’s wise words still ring true and call us to use the power of technology better. For years we could only guess the repercussions of the lawless internet. We’ve designed Mazu in response to these issues. With this in mind, our Mission is clear; to change the story of the internet for good. Learn more about Mazu and what safe social media looks like for the family by clicking here.

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