Mazu Launches Exclusive Dare2Dream App With Harold “Lefty” Williams

Former Globetrotter and Harlem Dreams Showman, launches kid-safe social media platform to engage with youth in a positive way

Kelowna, BC— June 6th, 2018 — Mazu, a digital social media platform based on core values and family-friendly content, announces its partnership with former Globetrotter Harlem Dreams Showman Harold “Lefty” WIlliams Dare2Dream foundation. The pair have created the Dare2Dream app, that is family-friendly, positive and appropriate for kids.

Lefty Williams and his wife Shyneefa, who is an advocate for youth and young adults, will along with their family, share videos and content directly with kids and families. Their son CJ, who was a recent guest on NBC’s hit show “Lil Big Shots”, hosted by Steve Harvey, produced by Steve Harvey and Ellen Degeneres, will be the Dare2Dream apps child ambassador along with his siblings EJ and Kiara. They will be interacting on the app with other kids and providing content.

The app contains many interactive features and children will be able to create personal avatars, chat with each other, complete challenges, play mini games and earn tokens and badges as they play along with the app.

Lefty says, “As a parent it is extremely important to us that our kids are protected in the the spaces they are entering, especially on social media. It is extremely important that our kids learn how to use social media in a positive way and are exposed to positive content. That is why this partnership is extremely important, as it brings the Dare2Dream foundations values in a space for kids to interact in a safe and fun way”.

The Dare2Dream foundations core mission is to improve the lives of children and youth through sports, education and personal development programs. Lefty and his family believe that children are the leaders of the future and through the Dare2Dream app, they can directly communicate with other children and bring their vision and mission to life.

ABOUT Dare2Dream

The Harold Lefty Williams Dare2Dream Foundation is a family run foundation that develops positive relationships with youth and young adults through sports, education and personal development programs. It is their mission to improve the quality of life for youth in order to strengthen communities globally.

About Mazu

Mazu is an alternative social media platform for families and children of all ages on a mission to create a digital village for kids to thrive. Mazu is founded on core values to help users embrace the positive power of social media in a safe, curated space that is free of bullies, with the goal of creating the future “digital citizens” of tomorrow. By allowing users to be themselves Mazu creates real, honest experiences without the competition of likes or views. Mazu is available for download from the Apple and Google Play stores. For more information visit:

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