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Love is all you need
A movement begins…

Our Story

Every great invention begins with a dreamer. Someone who sees the world a little bit differently, with the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. For Mazu, that dreamer is Janice Taylor.

It's time we use technology to encourage positive action and inspire a love of family.

Janice Taylor

Ready to change the world?

The Mission

Awaken People With Love.

The Vision

To be the premier online and mobile community for children and families. A space that encourages healthy, mindful and purposeful social media use. By promoting positive digital citizenship we will nurture real and honest experiences to empower and connect families with love.

See what makes Mazu different

Janice Taylor

CEO and Founder of Mazu

Janice Taylor is a social entrepreneur, mother, inspirational speaker, author, and online safety advocate.

She has a BA Honors in Behavioral Psychology, focusing on self-esteem and self-efficacy among women. It was from this research that she sought to create a solution to the issue of social media addiction and how it was affecting women, children, and families.

Her credo of compassion, community, and caring drives the vision of her company Mazu, a healthy, positive, and fun engagement platform for families, founded in love. Mazu gives children and parents a place to communicate and connect, creating the “digital family village” – the antidote to social media, that awakens families with love.

Our Team

Meet the amazing people helping create Mazu.

Joel Day

Chief Experience Officer

Drew Hawken

Chief Technology Officer

Pam Robilliard

Executive Assistant

Tracey Hendriks

Director of HR

Jace Anderson

Business Development Manager

Devin Gibson

Product Manager

Steve Neu

Art Director

Amanda Adams

Senior Artist

Arya Daragahi

Software Developer

Kodi Ackerman

Junior Front-End Developer

Ronish Gopal

Junior Front-End Developer

Wilco Oberholzer

Junior Software Developer

Leha Marshall

Community Engagement Coordinator

Alexa Hildebrandt

Community Engagement Coordinator

Mandy Glinsbockel

Community Engagement Coordinator

Mikayla Linton

Marketing Administrator