The Mazu #LoveaMillion project is pleased to offer the opportunity for supporters of this campaign to help develop the larger digital neighborhood here in Mazu, and we want to offer special recognition to the neighbors that do so. Whether you are a business, individual or a foundation, we are excited and grateful that you are willing to roll up your sleeves and help us provide a safe, fun, family-friendly digital space! Want to be part of constructing larger parts of the neighborhood?

Friendly Neighborhood Planner

10,000 Kids Protected

For those neighbors or businesses contributing at the neighborhood planner level, we are pleased to offer recognition within the Mazu App itself, and beyond. For our Neighborhood Planners, our art team will build you a presence of your choosing (personal, group, business etc) and highlight it over our social media channels, and place you in Mazu as a community within the app. We will design avatars of you and your family or team, and promote within Mazu all the good things you are doing.

Protect A Child
Friendly Neighborhood Builder

25,000 Kids Protected

Want to build even more of the Mazu Neighborhood to extend the digital safety of children on a grander scale? We welcome it! Our Neighborhood Builders will receive everything a planner receives as well as the opportunity to promote the work you and your construction crew are doing within Mazu with other builders. We will promote your community within the app and beyond into our social media channels and get our influencers to as well.

Protect A Child
Friendly Neighborhood Developer

50,000 Kids Protected

Those neighbors or businesses that would like to commit to building a safe space on an even larger level can do so and become Neighborhood Developers within Mazu. Much of what we will offer at this level will be customized. We will have a Community manager dedicated to you that will promote you/your brand on a continual basis. We will also have our Mazu Makers promote you when appropriate. There will be other incentives for developers, and we would be happy to discuss them with you directly.

Protect A Child

Love A Million Children

Build a new digital village