Millions of children are exposed to negativity, abuse, harassment, pornography, and other inappropriate content online every single day. At Mazu, we pledge to bring over a million children out of vulnerable digital spaces into a safe place built to protect, nurture and educate the next generation.

Are You In?

Join the Love a Million campaign, built to bring awareness to ALL caring adults that we can make a change in digital. Mazu provides the only ad-free digital space for kids based on core values & love and is the refuge from the negativity, bullying, and harassment common to most gaming, social media, and video streaming services.

Protect A Child

How BIG is the problem?


6.7 million Canadian children are exposed to the internet daily


There is a 50% increase in youth suicide rates over the last 2 years

of teens

20% of teens feel sad and depressed because of social media use

of youth

22% of youth are exposed to pornography on a daily basis

What can you do to create change?

Become a protector of a child today in our LOVE A MILLION campaign. Imagine a digital world where children are kept SAFE, EDUCATED on positive digital skills and are NURTURED to promote kindness and spread love throughout the world.

What does it cost to keep kids safe?

For one dollar per child, we can provide a safe positive digital environment that focuses on three core pillars. Together we can clean up the neighborhood. Become a guardian of the Internet.

What does a 1 dollar investment provide a child in Mazu?


  • Moderated content and language 24/7
  • All children are verified by parents
  • Parents have safety controls and tools
  • All language filtered for bad language and abuse
  • ALL content is moderated with a 24-hour hold back time before anything is posted live.


  • Mazu Communities provide education around such topics as: STEM, Animal Conservation, Self Worth, Anti-Bullying, Health and Wellness, Art, Books and many more
  • Tools for Teaching Families and Kids how to become Positive Digital Citizens
  • Educational resources are available for teachers and parents
  • Resources and up to date research for Educators and Parents


  • Communities of positive influencers
  • Connections to mental health resources and tools
  • Relationships and promotion of nonprofits and organizations committed to the safety, wellness, and empowerment of children and families
  • Resources, information, and tools for Parents help provide stronger online guidance for their children

If you still need them, here’s some more reasons!

Neighbourhood Guardians

For those individuals, businesses or organizations that want to help support the #Loveamillion movement, click here for information on how you can pledge resources to the project.

Become a Neighborhood Guardian

Neighbourhood Builders

Looking to pledge $10,000 or more to help support the #Loveamillion movement? We have a few special options that will lead to you making your mark within the Mazu Neighborhood! 

Become a Neighborhood Builder

Spread the word on #LoveaMillion

Love A Million Campaign FAQ’s

How will I know my sponsorship is having the intended impact?

As a supporter, you will receive regular email updates on the impact your sponsorship is having. You should also download the Mazu App to see the progress, growth, and support that is being given to families and children. As we bring more children into Mazu we will be letting each family member know and the sponsors know of who has supported this environment.

Are you a non-profit?

Mazu is not a non-profit. Mazu is a socially conscious company, dedicated to making the world a better place. Because we do not believe in exploiting people’s information and memories to profit, we look at innovative and collaborative ways to raise the funds required for us to create these incredible spaces and experiences for children and families.

Will you promote any business that supports you within the Mazu app?

There are numerous ways we can work together to promote your business or organization. Some are laid out in the packages, but our team is available to discuss options with you either prior to, or after you sponsor. Contact us here.

Will I get a receipt?

Of course. Receipts are automatically emailed once your payment has been processed.

Will I be able to write this off?

That is a question for your accountant 🙂 We will be promoting those businesses and self-employed individuals that support the campaign within our social channels, and in certain cases within the Mazu App itself. To many, this would be viewed as a marketing expense, but your accountant will help you determine that for your particular situation in the region you live.

Is this considered a donation?

Mazu is not a non-profit, so no charitable receipt will be given for the sponsorship. A regular expense receipt will be provided.

What is my money going towards?

Your sponsorship supports all of these activities:

  • allows children to enjoy a social media and messaging experience that is legal and safe for under 13’s
  • an environment that does not track, store or sell you or your families data
  • features verification and parental controls, meaning parents control kids access and experience
  • human and AI moderation of all content to ensure nothing inappropriate reaches your kids
  • organization and coordination of mental health organizations to provide parents with resources and access around children’s mental health

Why $1 per child? Where does that number come from?

Based on 1,000,000 children and parents using our platform, resources and tools, the average cost per child would be $1.06 per year to maintain the system, human moderators and community partnerships with a range of mental health and child protection resources. As such, with support of $1, you are providing access to all these resources and positivity to one child for a year.

Who will benefit from my support dollars?

The children and families that use our system, network and tools. An example is human moderators. To hire and train human moderators to not only filter inappropriate content, but to stop signs of abuse, grooming or mental health issues is a costly endeavour. Because we do not want to generate revenue from exploiting childrens data and information and want to remove entry barriers for all types of families, we are always looking at different ways to fund the community. So with these contributions, the community is supporting the community.

What does save a child mean?

Think it sounds dramatic? Maybe. Maybe not. The stats are clear, and when you really think about them, are shocking. Especially if you are a parent. 1 in 5 teens has stated they feel sad and depressed because of social media use. So in your kids’ group of friends, at least one mental health is being affected. It’s, therefore, no surprise that there has been a 50% increase in youth suicide rates over the last 2 years. It’s not simply self-worth of children that is being terribly damaged online in these unregulated social and messaging environments. 1 out of 5 kids in the US is getting sexually solicited online. Again, ONE IN FIVE! The most common luring victim, a 13 year girl. Jeez, 22% of youth are exposed to porn daily. These aren’t just meaningless stats, this is extremely serious and impactful things happening in unregulated spaces.

So when we say ‘save’ it is not to be dramatic. With our mission to provide tools that youth will want to use, that are regulated, safe, positive and values-based, we believe we are saving the next child driven to suicide from being attacked online, the next child from being groomed online, the next child who felt worthless from seeing all the shiny lives on Instagram. We ARE saving children.

Will Mazu rent, sell, or trade my data?

No. Never. We don’t even store it. We keep your name, email address, family relationship and age. These allow for management of permissions within the system. Outside of that, we do not retain any personal data.

Who has Mazu impacted already?

We have been building child safe environments for the world’s biggest sports teams for the past 5 years, successfully impacting hundreds of thousands of children with content and experience in a safe, regulated and fun environment. Taking our years of learning we created Mazu for all families and not simply the young fans of a particular team. We used our expertise to create the mission, movement and vehicle for families to connect properly online, while protecting the most vulnerable from the worst parts of social media.

Does Mazu have any political or religious affiliations?

Our mission is agnostic. We welcome and accept all people and all beliefs. Our founder and much of our team, are faith based. We belief in character and values above all else, and everything we build and put out to the world is with that belief.

Why support Mazu with a Sponsorship?

Because you believe in supporting a movement to change the way our children use the Internet and how it makes them feel about themselves. You are supporting a movement to protect our children and cover them in love, values and positivity. Mazu is a missing link in mental health prevention and provides the necessary technical tool to reach children earlier.

In addition to a sponsorship, how else can I support Mazu’s mission?

In three main ways:

  1. Download Mazu, share it with your family. Use the messenger to chat with your friends and family. Engage in the great communities and contribute your own positive messages.
  2. Share the #LoveAMillion movement with your network. Make people aware of the issues and share with them how they can also contribute and support the mission.
  3. Get in contact with us. Give us your feedback. Tell us the challenges you face with your children’s digital experience. Let’s work together to improve the internet.

What if I have more questions?

Our team are available to answer any questions. Contact us here.

After I sponsor LOVE A MILLION can I share that on Social Media, My Website?

YES YES YES. We’d love you too. We have a ton of shareable assets here, and can even provide custom ones if you need them. Any questions, contact us here.