The Mission

Millions of children are exposed to negativity, abuse, harassment, pornography, and other inappropriate content online every single day as a result of inadequate regulations on mainstream platforms. At Mazu, we pledge to bring over a million children out of vulnerable digital spaces into a safe place built to protect, nurture and educate the next generation of digital citizens.

How BIG is the problem?

of teens

bullied online were targeted on Facebook.

of teens

have experienced cyberbullying.

leading cause

of death for teens in Canada is suicide.

of youth

hide online activities from their parents.

Are You In?

Built to bring awareness to all caring adults, the Love a Million Campaign is shedding light on the need for change in digital for kids and families. Mazu provides the only ad-free digital space for kids based on core values & love and is the refuge from the negativity, bullying, and harassment common to most gaming, social media, and video streaming services.

What can you do to create change?

Become a protector of a child today by joining Mazu’s Love a Million campaign. Imagine a digital world where children are kept safe, educated on positive digital skills and are nurtured to promote kindness and spread love throughout the world. Be a part of the change.

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