Get Moving! Outdoor Activities For Families

People are spending a lot of time sitting staring at screens these days. This has some serious health concerns attached to it. To combat these stats we challenge you and your family to spend some time together outside…and moving! Time in nature has a number of great health benefits such as improving mood, happiness and helping to develop kids into adults that care for and appreciate the environment.  Here are four excellent (and easy!) outdoor activities to get your family going outside! 

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A Family Saunter in the Woods (Hiking)

Hiking is an awesome outdoor activity for families.  Not only is it low impact, but it also allows you and your family to slow down and discover nature. The ability to set your own pace make this a great bonding activity. 

Here are a couple of awesome tips for tackling the trails with your kiddos:

  • Make sure you have lots of snacks and water – Things like granola bars, trail mix, and energy bites are great for this type of adventure!  Linked below are a few of our favorite recipes:
    Granola Bars
    Trail mix
    Energy Bites
  • Choose hikes close to home  – (take a look at to help you find new paths) and consider one with a great reward at the end #waterfall #amazingview.
  • Layer up – Sometimes the weather can be a bit unpredictable, so prepare for the worst and anticipate the best! Choosing layers of light clothing will help you manage them if you have to take them off!    
  • Bring a daypack – Day packs are great for stashing unwanted layers of clothing, snacks, water bottles, something soft to sit on…. And oh so much more!  
  • Give each hiker a special job – Leader of the pack, the trail cheermaster, and trail safety officer are a few you can try.
  • Read up on plants to avoid – Teach your little ones what they look like to avoid trouble. Here is a great resource where you can read up on the plants to avoid in your area.
  • Pack a first aid kit – Wet wipes and something soft to sit on!

"In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks."

John Muir

Go Stargazing

There is nothing quite as grounding (or calming!) as staring up at a star-filled sky on a warm summer night. Childhood is all about wonder and amazement and there is really nothing so “out of this world” as our night sky. To get the most out of this activity, you may want to drive outside of city limits to avoid light pollution.

ProTip: Pack a picnic blanket to sit on, cozy sweaters (depending on where you are, it can get chilly at night!), hot chocolate, some stargazing snacks, and a star map.  If you have access to a telescope, bring it along to get an even better view of the heavens!  Once you’ve arrived at your destination, set up “camp” and start looking up.

ProTip II: You can brush up on your constellations beforehand with apps like Skyview.

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Visit a Nature Center

There are nature centers all across North America! Most of these locations often have amazing kids programming. Education is important to these non-profits so check them out beforehand online or by giving them a call.  Often times they have excellent programs or even guided walks! Just Google nature centers near me.

ProTip: Dress for success… be sure to have hats, sunscreen, water bottle, and good shoes! You and your kiddos are bound to have an outdoor adventure, so come prepared!

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Create a Scavenger Hunt

It’s as easy as listing things you know you’ll find on your adventure or having some fun with it and create a custom scavenger hunt for your family! If time is of the essence, check out premade scavenger hunts on Pinterest. This is a great way to engage your kids in the out of doors.

ProTip: You can all create a photo scavenger hunt together!

The goal this summer is to spend it outside instead of in front of screens. Do you have any outdoor activities or tips and tricks for keeping kids busy outside in the summer?  Share them in the comments below!

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