One family,
two opposing teams.

One game, one winner. No, this isn’t a strange adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, but it is the ultimate challenge in parent neutrality and strength of family. The Curry’s have made a name for themselves and are a long-standing staple in the world of basketball. This year they are making history at the conference finals on the court and in the stands.

Brothers Stephen and Seth Curry are a dynamic basketball duo from Charlotte, North Carolina. Growing up with basketball as a central fixture in their family (their father plays for the Charlotte Hornets), they both pursued their passion and landed careers in the NBA on opposing teams. Today they find themselves dueling each other once again, this time in the NBA Conference Finals (a first for the league). As the first brother duo to get this far in the conference final, sibling rivalry is bound to play out on the court.

Family Matters

One article talks of Seth trying to “get in Stephen’s head” and cause him to fumble, a tactic that has sibling privilege written all over it. Who knows our button’s better than your siblings? The two sons have had different journey’s to get to this point in their careers. Stephen’s launch into the world of the NBA made him into a “basketball icon”, while Seth’s career has been less of a launch and more of a climb. Knowing the two journeys intimately and despite the high stakes, the Curry family has aimed to remain neutral.

This is the Final Countdown

This final has created an interesting dilemma for the Curry brother’s parents. The parents are now found at games wearing opposing jerseys. One parent supporting Seth, the other supporting Stephen. In order to remain neutral, they have opted for the ‘ol flip a coin solution to decide who will wear what jersey at the games. The grace and class whilst in the stands and off has been exemplary and speaks to the wholesome integrity of their family. In an interview, Stephen explains that he can’t “turn off his “human nature” to cheer for Seth.” He is proud of his little brother. With the support of their family, the two brothers have made history in a few ways and shown how far you can go with a little love, support, and friendly competition. It goes to show that blood is thicker than water.

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