As parents, most of us will nod in agreement to the saying: “It takes a village to raise a child.” The support and love of others makes it easier to raise our children.

We all have stories of our village. The place we call home. The house with the loud yappy dog; the teenager who held the first party; the guy who always mows his lawn at 7am on the weekend. Your village is most likely full of unique characters.

As my children have grown and started to engage in the Internet and social media, I started to ask one fundamental question: where is the village online? The one that nurtures us, takes care of us, and looks out for ALL our interests. I wondered who was making the rules? Who was really in charge of these spaces?

How do you as a family navigate this system and more importantly, how can we raise hopeful digital citizens? How do we create hope in a technology world that is addicted to fear and not concerned with your brain, your kids, or your overall emotional being?

Creating a Digital Village is not about the idyllic perfect village that Truman (The Truman Show) believed he was living in – we eventually hit a false sky. That false sky is the world of social media today. False pictures, false sense of self, fictitious villages that are robbing us of our precious time to delve into the truth of who we are. Too much of our time is spent creating false narratives of what we want people to believe. All the while taking us away from what truly matters: Love, Family, Respect, Truth, and most of all Hope.

Read more of Janice Taylor’s Huffington Post article here.

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