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The Okanagan College Coyotes Basketball teams’ Values Over Victory Campaign highlights the stories of all of the male and female basketball players.
Values over Victory is a positive online initiative being led by the Coyotes that demonstrates the foundational values these athletes were raised on and continue to spread as human beings. We’re looking beyond the stat line at what pushes these great students and incredible athletes to become inspirational leaders and community members. We’re starting this campaign at the college level so the messaging filters down through schools and reaches all children in the Okanagan area and beyond, reinforcing that values matter, especially online.

Coach Dino

The team has partnered in this campaign with Kelowna based digital media company, Mazu. They have built a community within the Mazu app, where daily photos and posts are shared about each player. The goal of this partnership brings exclusive content in app that will educate and encourage children under 13 to act with positive intent and values while navigating through their own lives.

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