World Gorilla Day Pie Face Challenge!

Join us as we launch the #GorillaPie Challenge on September 24!

1. When you are nominated, make a video of you or someone in your family getting pied in the face! Also in your video tell us what you love about gorillas or a fun fact about Gorillas!
2. Nominate 3 friends you think would enjoy joining this challenge!
3. Share your video in Mazu Family first and then all of your other social media platforms with the hashtag #GorillaPie 
4. If you can, donate $5 to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund or Ellen Degeneres Wildlife Fund

Check out Matteo from our Mazu Team take part in the Gorilla Heroes previous Challenge, the #GorillaPie Challenge!

Watch Here
About our Community

Hi! I am a gorilla enthusiast who started loving these amazing and endangered gorillas when I was about seven years old. At the moment I am a strongly motivated ten year old who is determined to protect the mountain gorillas. Ever since first grade I have been running lemonade stands, bake sales, and trying to come up with other fundraisers. I hope to raise more awareness and some cash. Hopefully I have inspired you to help me continue my mission.

A Bit About Mountain Gorillas

Everyday we worry about our daily lives. Have you ever wondered about the daily life of a mountain gorilla? These gentle giants are living in the jungles of Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda where they are being killed off by poacher traps and loss of habitat. This can stop if we work together and help these amazing creatures.

In my Communities we will be raising awareness of Gorillas, running fun activities like the Pie Face Challenge.

What is the Pie Face Challenge?

In 2017 I tried to start a Pie Face Challenge to raise money and awareness (like the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS). The idea was you ask a friend to throw a plate of whipped cream at your face (it’s hilarious and more fun than it sounds!) and then you would donate five dollers to any website that helps gorillas (such as Gorilla Doctors, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, or Ellen’s new Wildlife Fund). Once you did the challenge, you would post your video to social media and then nominate three or four friends to also do the challenge. But this idea didn’t really catch on. So I decided to try something else…

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