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“The sad reality is that Canada is falling behind other countries such as the UK and the USA who have already put structures in place to protect data and address data privacy issues. [View Canada’s current policies around child privacy here] To address this oversight in Canadian legislation, together with my team, I have initiated a petition to implement vital changes to children’s digital rights in Canada. This is a paramount first step to ensure a better future for children in Canada. For many years, big tech companies have come from countries all over the world, providing “platforms” and “jobs” in our communities all the while coming in the backdoor and vacuuming up our personal data. Many believe it is too late. And without action, these companies will continue to misuse our information. I would argue it is not too late to take a stand for the next online generation. We need to implement forward-thinking safeguards to protect their future. In order to do this effectively, Canadians must understand what “data” violation means and why “digital rights” are so important.

My experience in Silicon Valley revealed the dark underbelly of social media and data privacy. I saw first hand the sheer disregard for our personal information. The truth behind these digital machines is that they take advantage of the free content we supply them with.  

Janice Taylor, Mazu, Safe Social Media

Imagine a family that shares an image of their young kids on their Facebook and Instagram. What these mega corporations do is collect these data points and before your child can walk, they have a digital identity and a predictive algorithm ready and willing to control their next online action. So why does this matter? The algorithm is built to control and predict behavior by creating a filter bubble that will follow them and shape their online experiences. Children should be free of these bubbles that decide what they will read, think and eventually who they will become as a result of this conditioning. Childhood is about discovering who you are and what you want to become. Under no circumstances, is it ok for Big Tech to take these lives into their own hands and make critical decisions for their future with the intent to make money off of your kids.

Parents, educators and government officials, it is more important than ever to acknowledge that the only people who benefit in this data vortex is Big Tech. Our privacy, our data, and our children’s’ information are shamelessly being sold and this is spectacularly wrong. The food industry has strict guidelines to ensure transparency so we know what is in our food for our own health and safety. The reckoning that shook the food industry is now required for the tech sector.  We need to disrupt these industries that take. The petition we have put forward has been set in motion to create balance and to offset the culmination of power in the tech world. We want to put control of our digital futures back in the hands of citizens.”

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