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We’re on a mission to give power to parents to shape their children’s digital experience. As a parent, your opinion matters to us and to your kids. Find out what we’re doing to help and how you can get involved.

What is Mazu?

Mazu is a digital platform founded on core values. We believe in the power of family and staying connected. We create safe spaces for children and families to learn to use social media and become positive digital citizens.

Likes vs. Core Values

Traditional social media is driven by likes, fuelling compulsive scrolling and social media addiction. We’ve removed the like button and added seven core values to shift the focus on genuine conversations and positivity, teaching our kids to be good digital citizens.

Moderation and Verification

The Mazu platform doesn’t rely solely on bots and we don’t wait for problems to pop up before we take action. Our filters automatically detect inappropriate language to prevent it from being posted and our human moderators check all public images and videos before they are shared. Verified adult accounts mean our community is filled with people who are who they say they are. Because your kids deserve more than an algorithm to keep them safe.

Ad-Free Network

We don’t sell your data to advertisers because we don’t store any. Children shouldn’t have sponsored content pushed on them and their habits shouldn’t be used to trick you into buying more stuff. Your family’s data belongs to you and you decide what happens to it.

Neutral Ground

Your child isn’t a bargaining chip. We’re not here to push your child to become the next generation user of a larger adult-focused platform. We’re a movement of parents who don’t believe our children are a commodity whose information is for sale. We created Mazu as a safe space for families to enjoy every day.

Your Children, Your Decisions

Parents are in control of what their children can see and do in Mazu. Set their permissions and adjust them as they grow. You are in charge and you decide what happens with their data, their conversations, and their online habits.

Take Action.

Action 1
Tell us what you want for your children online. Take a short survey and help shape the way your children interact and experience digital activities. Will it be governed by self-interested corporations, or will you take back the power and join a collective of parents who know what their children need?
Action 2
Help More Children. Sign our petition and tell the US Government that you want pre-teens protected too. Children 13-16 are at high risk for cyberbullying and suicide, yet there are no regulations around their online experience.
It’s time to fix that.
Action 3
Share The Movement. As a parent you probably know other parents who are concerned. Tell them about the Mazu Mission to protect our children and teens online.

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