Mazu Moms Community

Mazu Ambassadors was created to bring together a passionate, diverse global community of allies who seek to create a safe digital future for families.

Mazu Moms is building a community that positively impacts millions of children’s lives. By developing a worldwide network of actionable women, we will help solve the world’s most pressing social media problems.

Will you join the Movement?

Women will have the opportunity to:

  • Join our Mazu Moms Facebook Community 
  • Become and Ambassador
  • Join a local Chapter
  • Start a Mazu Moms Chapter in your city
  • Mentor or be mentored, learn, and take action.

Become a Mazu Ambassador

As a Mazu Ambassador, you will:

  • Empower others to join us in our mission to create safer social media for families
  • Be recognized as an advocate for children’s digital rights
  • Lock arms with the first social media platform of its kind
  • Be aligned with incredible women, powerful supporting communities, nonprofits, and government officials working to create a policy for safe social media.
  • Foster a spirit of inclusiveness and collaboration with like-minded individuals and organizations, and encourage them to join our mission to stop the commercial exploitation of children

Mazu Parent Chapters

Chapters are the heart of what we do. There is tremendous power in all of us coming together as a global community for good. Our vision is for multiple Mazu Parent Chapters to form in every city on the planet.

We want our inclusive, diverse network to be open so that other individuals and groups can be empowered to take action.

We are empowering individuals, communities, and organizations to take action by:

  • Sharing & supporting Mazu Moms online and offline activities, events and stories on behalf of children’s digital rights.
  • Partner with the Mazu Moms Leadership Team to highlight stories from your Chapter through social media channels and in the Mazu app.
  • Staying connected to issues related to children’s digital rights, capturing stories of individuals & projects.

Sign up to start an official Mazu Moms Chapter to help you take action. Apply now to start your own Chapter in your community.