Our Company

We design and create products that encourage kids to be active participants in their play and aim to take online experiences into the real world.

Our flagship product Mazu is an intuitive, real-time mobile messaging and content platform for youth and their entire families. We employ cutting edge monitoring technology that filters inappropriate content to keep kids safe and give parents peace of mind.

Our Team

We don’t mean to brag – but our team is pretty incredible! We’ve got superstar talent from around the globe who are passionate about our mission and the products we build. We’d love to tell you about everyone, but here’s a sample of what we’ve got under the hood.

Our Values


Just Be Kind

We show respect and encourage others, even if they are different from us.


Just Be Outgoing

We build connection and community by being friendly and social.


Just Be Brave

We exercise courage by doing the right thing, especially in difficult, scary or overwhelming situations.


Just Be Compassionate

We show understanding and care for people, especially when they have difficulty, and help where we are able.


Just Be Respectful

We aim to be considerate, courteous, giving and respectful in all of our interactions.


Just Be Accepting

We embody acceptance of ourselves and approval of others by being welcoming and working to create strong relationships.


Just Be Forgiving

We free ourselves by changing our feeling, attitude and behaviours when offended by showing forgiveness to offense as well as the offender.


Just Be Generous

We surprise and delight our colleagues and customers by giving more than they expect.