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Starting today and each Friday moving forward, we will be putting up a post with links to what we think are must-read articles of the week just gone.  Each one will also include a tip of the week and feel good story that can get the weekend ahead started off on a positive note.  We hope you enjoy!

This Weeks Top Reads

Hooked on Hardware? Tech Giants Face Tough Questions Over Device Addiction

via Variety

“Smartphone addiction” may seem like a cliché — an eye-roll-inducing first-world problem — but it can have devastating effects. Extreme use of digital devices and the internet can lead to behavioral disorders that are as debilitating or life-threatening as alcohol or drug abuse. And aside from those most severe cases, addictive technologies may be breeding an entire generation prone to depression and loneliness.

Teacher urges parents to ‘wake up’ when it comes to kids’ social media use


If parents fear their kids having social media accounts, it’s with good reason.

One Utah teacher asked a group of 80 teens — ages 14 and 15 — to finish one sentence: “What my parents don’t know about social media is…”

Is Instagram safe for kids?

via techadvisor.co.uk

Most people use the app to share stylised photos of themselves, friends, places and objects, and mostly it’s harmless fun. Celebrities and even big brands have Instagram accounts.

Instagram is designed for adults though, not kids, so the short answer to the question “Is Instagram safe for kids?” is no.

Friday's Feel Good Story

Take 5 minutes to read through this twitter thread and marvel at the power of social media when its harnessed for good!

Tip of the Week

Apple Launches a Family Resource Page


Apple has launched a new page on its site that collects information about the company’s family features and parental controls in one place. It includes guides on how to use their built-in features on both iOS and MacOS.

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