It appears as though our most popular social media tech giants are facing some heat from protection agencies regarding user privacy and data scandals. Is the heat hot enough to roast a marshmallow….we aren’t sure yet. Included in this edition are the much appreciated TL;DR takeaways, paired with a lovely tip of the week and feel good story (bonus, we gave you a few!)

This Weeks Top Reads

Facebook, Google face first GDPR complaints over ‘forced consent’

via Tech Crunch

TL;DR Takeaway

Europe’s new privacy framework, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now being applied to tech companies regarding their ‘take it or leave it’ stance on consent. Max Schrems a privacy critic argues that large tech companies are using a strategy of  “forced consent” to continue to process individuals data. The law requires that users be given a free choice unless the consent is necessary for the use of service, which shouldn’t be an issue since facebook is intended to be a social networking product, rather than a platform for farming people’s personal data for ad targeting. ?

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6 Reasons Why Social Media is a Bummer

via The Guardian

TL;DR Takeaway

A Bummer is a machine, a statistical machine that lives in the computing clouds. Of the named problems that have arose from current internet use like environments that bring out the worst in us, or that much of the power is concentrated into a tiny number of hands, it is the device we all carry that is capable of mass behaviour modification that is the bigger problem. Jaron Lanier, a pioneer turned digital sceptic, explains why we must take back control.

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Obama calls for tighter regulation on tech

via The Hill

TL;DR Takeaway

Former United States president Obama says that major technology firms should be regulated more tightly. Without mentioning anyone by name, Obama references recent data scandals that make the need for cooperation and further regulation clear. Lawmakers in the U.S have discussed types of regulation around political ad transparency, but no new significant regulations have been made on tech behemoths.

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Friday's Feel Good Story

7 Times Ellen DeGeneres Proved Kindness Can Change the World

via A Plus

TL;DR Takeaway

We couldn’t decide on just one feel good story so we brought you seven things Ellen DeGeneres is doing to inspire each of use to be better people each day!

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Tip of the Week

Digital Detox: How to cut back on a constant smartphone habit

via CTV News

Why is it that we’re checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and then repeat, when all we wanted to do was just check the weather. By design, smartphones are made to have addictive qualities. Here are a few tips on how you can outsmart your smartphone!

  • Limit notifications
  • Detox regularly
  • Set a schedule
  • Turn off autoplay
  • Get an alarm clock
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