We all try to practice being thankful in our everyday lives, but sometimes a holiday forces us to really think about what is important to us. In the spirit of Thanksgiving this week our 5 things to know are focused on gratitude and being thankful. As per usual we have included the TL;DR takeaways, paired with a lovely tip of the week and feel good story

This Weeks Top Reads

Gratitude: The Most Effective Social Media Practice

via The Social Nurse

TL;DR Takeaway

This one is a nice short read but there is a very nice info graphic on gratitude and your happiness that we highly recommend clicking through to see.

Did you know that being grateful and thankful can increase your well being? The practice of thankfulness and gratitude has been shown to increase your well being, improved heart health, and make better decisions.

#Blessed: Why It’s Not Gratitude if You Need to Advertise it on Social Media

via Elite Daily

TL;DR Takeaway

We live in a overly connected world where we all have a tendency to share a bit too much. By showboating to all your followers that you are grateful are you taking away the meaning behind being grateful. This blog takes an interesting look at the value of being grateful and how posting that gratefulness online can take away that value.

The Case for Slowing Everything Down a Bit

via Vox

TL;DR Takeaway

A new study paid people to limit their use of major social media platforms to 10 min a day, and compared to a control group that didn’t make any changes. The result? By reducing time on social media sites, there was a statistically significant decrease in depression and loneliness. 

Friday's Feel Good Story

A Thanksgiving Story

via Readers Digest

TL;DR Takeaway

A touching story about a first grade teacher and one of her students. And how Thanksgiving isn’t necessarily about the material things given to us, but the small ways that we give something to others. 

Tip of the Week

The Science Behind Gratitude (and How it Can Change Your Life)

via Happify

Here are a few tips on practicing and including gratitude in your life; as well as a few fun ways to practice gratitude. 

  • Write a gratitude letter
  • Make thankfulness fun by mixing it up
  • Notice new things you’re grateful for every day.
  • Journal your gratitude

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