It’s a typical Thursday night, you’ve sat down and are going to scroll for just a few min to “check in” on family and friends. Next thing you know it’s been 2 hours, 29 min and 36 seconds. Whoops. We’ve all been there, sucked into the never ending void that is social media. But how does this affect us? How does this affect our children? We’ve provided some articles we found this week that we found interesting along with the TL;DR takeaways, paired with a lovely tip of the week and feel good story!

This Weeks Top Reads

5 Ways Social Media is Changing Your Brain

via TEDEd

TL;DR Takeaway

Social Media is changing our brains here’s some of the reasons we found interesting:

  • By providing immediate rewards with very little effort on our end, so our brain is rewiring itself to crave these rewards.
  • Increased media usage has been shown to decrease ability to make inferences, and commit information to memory.
  • Phantom Vibration Syndrome. Ever think your phone vibrated when it didn’t? Our nervous system appears to have been rewired where we crave the vibrations sort of like an itch.
  • Your brain releases dopamine and thereby rewarding you when you talk about your own views and yourself online.

The Weird Way Social Media is Messing With Your Brain

via Allure

TL;DR Takeaway

When asked we all would answer that we know what we see on social media isn’t exactly real. What you maybe don’t expect is the familiarity you might feel to your social media influences. Our brains are hardwired to associate faces we see often as our friends. This has started to blur the lines of our weak and strong ties in our relationships.

Social Media is Harming your Brain and Your Relationships

via Psychology Today

TL;DR Takeaway

Now this one is a little older, but it’s still a good read. It goes through what is happening to your brain when you experience negativity online, as well as what your brain does while you are being negative online.  Bottom line? That negativity is adversely affecting your health. Your time is precious, don’t waste it on social media feuds.

Friday's Feel Good Story

This Fallen Baby Bear Shows Perseverance As He Climbs This Snowy Mountain

Tip of the Week

Digital Detox: How to cut back on a constant smartphone habit

via CTV News

Why is it that we’re checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and then repeat, when all we wanted to do was just check the weather. By design, smartphones are made to have addictive qualities. Here are a few tips on how you can outsmart your smartphone!

  • Limit notifications
  • Detox regularly
  • Set a schedule
  • Turn off autoplay
  • Get an alarm clock

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