It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It also can be a little anxiety inducing when your to do list grows longer than you are tall with cooking, groceries, family visits, and so on. 

Know what else can be anxiety inducing? Well social media. So let’s talk about that. Included in this edition are the much appreciated TL;DR takeaways, paired with a lovely tip of the week and feel good story.

This Weeks Top Reads

Social Media Obsession and Anxiety

via ADAA

TL;DR Takeaway

Do you get anxious when you can’t check Facebook or Twitter? You aren’t alone. Social media anxiety disorder is a mental health condition similar to social anxiety disorder. The more technology we acquire, the more stressed out we seem to become. Almost 20% of people with social media accounts cannot go more than 3 hours without checking them. And about 30% of those who use social media spend 15 or more hours per week online.

What can you do if social media makes  you anxious?

  • Realize that others only post the good parts of their lives online
  • Your life will not become awesome by sitting obsessing over others, you have to get out and live your real life, not you social media life.

Social Media, Loneliness, and Anxiety in Young People

via Psychology Today

TL;DR Takeaway

At first glance, social networking sites seem like modern means of facilitating our connectedness with others by sharing activities and news and as an easier way to keep in touch with old and new friends. Well as it turns out, loneliness is a function of perceived friendship networks and how many friends we believe we have. Social media has given us a way to directly quantify the number of friends we have and view the friendship networks of others in comparison. You can compare your own popularity with that of your peers, and manage your FOMO (fear of missing out) by monitoring whats going on socially. The result? Well, increased loneliness which is linked to social anxiety. To put the icing on the cake is that

6 Ways Social Media Negatively Affects Your Mental Health

via Independent 

TL;DR Takeaway

  • Self Esteem- comparing yourself to others on social media can create and encourage feelings of self doubt.
  • Human Connection- When we are glued to rectangular screens we become more acquainted with our friends’ digital facades than their real life personas.
  • Memory- Looking back on fond memories is a good use of social media, but it can also distort the way we remember parts of our life. Many of us are guilty of spending too much time trying to take the perfect photo, while not actually absorbing firsthand the experience of it.
  • Sleep- Using our phones too close to bedtime makes falling asleep much more difficult.
  • Attention Span- With the incredible amount of information at our fingertips, we are becoming more easily distracted. we have a means of instant, easy-access entertainment all the time.
  • Mental Health- Social media has been shown to make people feel anxious, sad and depressed.

Friday's Feel Good Story

Jet Blue is Delivering Gift-Wrapped People to Their Loved Ones for Christmas

via The Good News Network

TL;DR Takeaway

We know that not everyone celebrates Christmas, but this story was just too cute not so share. Who doesn’t want gift wrapped loved ones? 

Tip of the Week

5 Tips for Coping With Social Media Anxiety

via Global News

So how do we cope with the anxiety of trying to keep up with our peers in our hyper connected world. 

  • Find solitude
  • Reflect on the things you admire and care about most
  • Think about long-term goals
  • Compare to yourself, no one else.
  • Face to face interaction

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