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We Need To Better Understand The ‘Link’ Between Children’s Mental Health And Social Media

via The Huffington Post

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Recent evidence is pointing towards the connection between social media and mental health is more complex and more than one-dimensional. Mental health issues are on the rise in youth, and the support for these young people is falling below the level of need. Social media is an integrated part of young people’s lives and plays a contributing role in the rise of anxiety and stress symptoms. There is a great need for support for the well-being of children, and it starts with making it everyone’s business to find ways to engage young people in a new a creative way.

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How Social Media Addiction is Changing Teens Behaviours

via PCMag

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Common Sense media released latest study “Social Media, Social Life” which talks about teens social media use. Problems such as digital addiction, increase in time spent on social media, distraction in school and feelings of exclusion have been rising. There have also been positive findings in the research that concludes that teens also feel less lonely while using social media.

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Mr. Know-It-All on honesty and social media


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How does your online persona portrait yourself? Is it curated or more honest? Which is the right way? People in real life have different sides to themselves, based on the situation or people they surround themselves with. Out of all these personalities, which one(s) go online? One thing to keep in mind while posting is, there is not only one “authentic” you! In the end, moderate and curate away, but always remember to cherish your private moments too.

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Friday's Feel Good Story

7 Times Ellen DeGeneres Proved Kindness Can Change the World

via Upworthy

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Kim Skarritt-Nelson created Silver Muzzle Cottage after realizing just how many old dogs were in shelters waiting for new homes.

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Tip of the Week

How to keep kids safe online, on social media

via My Statesman

Social media and certain websites can attract the attention of kids, and the child may unknowingly become a target of unwanted attention. For parents, here a few tips on how to protect you children and keep them safe from becoming targets online.

  • Create a digital contract with your kids
  • Don’t rely solely on monitoring software to keep your kids safe
  • Mentor your children on appropriate screen use
  • Set limits
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