Back to school sessions are fast approaching so we’ve gathered up our favourite articles to help parents set their kids up for success this school year. School can be a hard time for many kids, and it can be made harder when they experience cyberbullying, harassment, and cruelty from their classmates online. We hope the information can help parents understand what their child is going through online, and how they can help along the way. Each article we’ve chosen has been summarized with our TL;DR takeaways so you wont miss the important information, and paired with a feel good story and tip for the week.

This Weeks Top Reads

In Our View: Monitor Kids’ Social Media

via The Columbian

TL;DR Takeaway

With school  back in session beginning soon, it is even more important for parents to keep an eye on their child’s online experience. Children are not immune to the pitfalls of the online world and require the assistance of parents to help guide them through the inappropriate internet sites, cyber bullying, and sexting. Children going back to school can also bring about new interactions that can lead to negativity online, so it is very important that parents have open communication with their kids and check in on their on and offline lives regularly

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Internet safety should be talked about with children of all ages

via The Sentinel Echo

TL;DR Takeaway

The key to discussing internet safety with children is to ensure that it is age appropriate. Internet safety should be discussed as early as possible, and the content can be adjusted to best suit what that child can understand and make use of at their age. Children can experience a lot of stressful experiences from cyberbullying that can cause them to be afraid to come to school. With the help of parents and teachers, children can learn how to best handle and deal with these situations, and how they can talk about their feelings.

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Logged off: Meet the teens who refuse to use social media

via The Guardian

TL;DR Takeaway

Generation Z grew up online, and its surprising to some that their choose to stay off social media. Personal reasons such as counting likes, conversations being moved to text, and the extreme cyberbullying as caused several teens to turn their back on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Teens are overwhelmed by the responsibility to maintain social profiles to upkeep their online persona, and choose to live more authentic lives offline.

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Friday's Feel Good Story

19 Truly mesmerizing videos of things being made in unexpected ways

via Buzzfeed

So satisfying!

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Tip of the Week

Breaking the cycle of technology interfering with family life

via News: Illinois State University

Parents experience a great deal of stress in the journey of raising children, and to relieve that stress, parents have been turning to technology. An Illinois State University researcher is looking to break this cycle as it can lead to children acting out. Here are a few tips that parents can use to help break the cycle of “technoference” and continue to have positive healthy relationships with their children.

  1. You have the power: Take a step back and realize your feeling of stress, and acknowledge the overall environment.
  2. Look up. Lock eyes: Children need reassurance, so when your child interacts with you while you are busy on your device simply look up, look into their eyes, and let them know that you’ll be right there when you finish.
  3. Choose a time and place: Introduce tech free times and zones. This can be at the discretion of the family based on what works best.
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