So lets get real for a moment, social media can be a bit of a struggle for parents right? A lot can happen in these online spaces that parents can’t control, so to help in anyway we can, we’ve provided our favourite articles for this week that highlight parenting tips for social media use. We hope these articles will be of great use! As always, we have included our  TL;DR takeaways, which we have paired with a lovely tip of the week and feel good story to start off the long weekend for us Canadians on a positive note!

This Weeks Top Reads

Why it’s a mistake to ban social media – and what to do instead

via The Washington Post

TL;DR Takeaway

The risks that are associated with social media, such as bullying, harassment, and meeting strangers, have been serious enough to make some parents forbid social media for their kids. Parents do know their children best, however, there may be more effective ways to lead children to being positive online. Creating standards that encourage positive behaviour for the whole family can be a way everyone can keep each other accountable to these higher standards.

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Smart Parenting: Social Media and Your Kids

via The Star

TL;DR Takeaway

The nature of parenting has changed since today’s parents were kids. Less time is being spent outdoors playing, and a lot more time is being spent in front of a screen. In a space where everything is public, it is important for parents to have conversations with their children about what they are doing online to avoid potential safety problems.

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What’s the average age when kids get social media accounts?

via Channel 3000

TL;DR Takeaway

A child looking to start their own social media account can start at any time. The harsh reality about children joining social media is that at their age they think more concretely and experience greater difficulty in analyzing the truth or validity of what is posted online. It’s key at this stage that parents have conversations with their kids about what is appropriate online, and what amount of time spent will be allowed to be on devices.

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Friday's Feel Good Story

Want to help the planet while shopping? Take a lesson from this teen designer

via A Plus

TL;DR Takeaway

Maya Penn, an 8-year old girl is making an eco-friendly statement in the fashion industry. Maya is looking to change the industry by starting her own clothing line that is as environmentally friendly as possible. The fashion industry is the second largest planet-wide polluter, second to oil, and Maya wants to change that in her own way. Maya is a great reminder that young people want to do positive things for their community and planet.

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Tip of the Week

How much screen time is too much? Here are the limits 10 tech executives set for their kids

via NBC News

In their home life, these tech executives are just like any other parent: monitoring the technology their kids use. Here is some advice and tips from these parents for parenting in the digital age.

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