Cell phones and social media are a predominant form of entertainment for children and youth. These devices and platforms have become the main connection tool between each other, allowing for commenting, stories, and photos to be shared instantly. According to the articles of the week we have gathered, this hyper connectivity is having negative effects on youths mental health. From anxiety caused from lack on stimulation, young peoples declining ability to create complex thoughts, to even opening children up advertising; it is clear there need to be more safeguards for young people in online spaces.
To keep things short and sweet, we have created our TL;DR takeaways for a brief read of the info you’ll need from the article. To end things off, as always, there is a tip of the week and a feel good story to begin the weekend off on a happy note!

This Weeks Top Reads

How Social Media Toys with your Emotions and Makes you More Open to Advertising

via IFL Science

TL;DR Takeaway

Social media has allowed us to connect in real time with comments, stories, and photos. However, this hyper connectivity has not always been good for our mental well-being. The negative effect on us can reduce our complex cognitive thoughts and promote negative emotions, as well as more susceptible to advertising messages. With a lot of social media platforms being built on advertising, it’s a conversation worth having over the use of the platform leading to short term inhibition of intelligent thought.

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Screens are rewiring young people’s brains. Here’s what parents can do about it

via The Star

TL;DR Takeaway

Cell phones are a main source of entertainment for kids and youth. The phones allow them to feel connected and normal. Little do they realize, using their phone is actually causing them stress. The brain begins to rewire itself due to the hyper activity its used to receiving when the person is doing up to five things on their phone. And for times when the person is not doing five things at once, they actually begin to feel anxious. The anxious symptoms may vary, and may show signs of phone addiction.

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Three children in every classroom suffering mental health problem fueled by social media, Barnardos chief warns

TL;DR Takeaway

Children’s services are struggling in the UK to keep up the the crisis the internet and social media has had on children. Javen Khan, Barnardo’s chief executive states that children are being exposed to cyber bullying, sexual exploitation, grooming, and gaming addiction through the internet. Children are entering a new realm without rules, regulations and safeguards put in place to protect them from the risks that lie online.

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Friday's Feel Good Story

People Share Hilarious Childhood Hacks for ‘Fooling’ Parents Back In The Day

via A Plus

Rules were made to be broken, right? Here are a few cheeky stories from back in the day when kids thought they were outsmarting their parents.

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Tip of the Week

Kids are getting around Apple’s ‘Screen Time’ restrictions

via Mashable

Apple released its new parental controls in mid-September that were intended to allow parents to set limits on time and features on their childs device. For kids who are digital natives, it took little tie for them to be able to outsmart the software. Parents are now sharing all the ways their child is getting around Apples new ‘Screen Time’ limits.

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