This weeks edition is focused on checking in with our kids before they go off to school again. A lot can happen over the summer, and with smartphones and social media kids don’t get the same break as they used to. There can be some anxiety and excitement can build before school so we have included our favourite articles that discuss that very topic. Help prepare your child for success with these great tips!
We like to keep things simple for our readers so there are our TL;DR Takeaways that are short and sweet. And to make your weekend amazing we have a feel good story and tip of the week. So without further ado, happy Friday!

This Weeks Top Reads

How to handle kids social media fears as back-to-school starts

via Today

TL;DR Takeaway

Going back to school after a summer filled with social media and smartphones can cause excitement and anxiety for children. The Social Institute suggests that parents can ease these anxieties through “huddles”. Huddles are simply an open conversation that parents have with their children to check in on on their child and discuss topics like what’s happening on social media, the trends going on, and offer their advice on how to handle their obstacles. Huddle topics can include situations of feeling excluded, facing online drama in real life, reconnecting in real life, and tips on posting. All these tips encourage your child to be themselves and share themselves in a way that reflects their values. All this can be possible through the support of the child’s family.  

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Is social media making us less civil?


TL;DR Takeaway

Is social media all bad, or does it still have the power to bring people together for a greater good? Social media has its dark corners that breed hate and anger, but connectivity can also be positive for people on it looking to do good in the world. Several social campaigns have been sparked through social media and has allowed people who would not have initially known of each other, to work together to change attitudes and support one another.

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Intervention Time: Is Social Media Actually Addictive?

via Tech.Co

TL;DR Takeaway

Social media became so popular in our society so quickly that we didn’t have the chance to notice the signs of addiction. Like any addictive behaviour, a good first step is identifying you have a problem. The various social media platforms are fully aware that they’ve created this problem, but aren’t completely admitting to it. Getting wise to the impact social media is a step in the direction of curbing addiction. If we all do it well, we can save generations from growing up addicted.

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Friday's Feel Good Story

21 intimate portraits of rare, endangered, and disappearing animals

via A Plus

TL;DR Takeaway

For your feel good story we bring you the most amazing photos from photographer Tim Flach of rare, threatened, and endangered animals. The photos are focusing on the animals faces, resembling human portraits and the result is breathtaking. Enjoy!

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Tip of the Week

Ask Your Kid’s School These Essential Student Privacy and Safety Questions

via Common Sense Media

Whether your child’s school uses technology throughout their teaching methods or it uses very little, have you ever asked yourself how the school is protecting your child’s privacy? As a parent, it’s a good idea to know how the school is safeguarding student privacy. Here are a few things you’d like to hear from a schools answer:

  • Stored data is encrypted, passwords are protected
  • Companies aren’t collecting more information than they need for the educational purposes
  • Companies dont trade or sell student info to others
  • More than just one person reviews the said companies policies.
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