A lot of research is now being conducted looking into the effect of technology on children, young people, and adults. This new information is causing scientists to take notice to the mental health problems that are plaguing our society. Technology is an integrated feature in our daily lives, and it is greatly important that we don’t allow it to overpower our lives. We hope that our favourite articles from this week will help you address your own technology use and find a healthy way to use it in your daily life. This weeks feel good story features Gitanjali, one of Mazu Family’s community super stars stunning everyone with her invention. And as per usual, we’ve included our TL;DR takeaways for a quick read and paired it with a tip of the week about how to limit screen time.

This Weeks Top Reads

#Blessed: Is Everyone Happier Than You on Social Media?

via NPR

TL;DR Takeaway

When Buzzfeed host Tracy Clayton asked her Twitter followers to share a photo they had uploaded to social media – one where they looked great, but were actually going through a difficult time – the post went viral. Hundreds of stories came in about the difficult backstories behind the seemingly happy photos. Are the people posting pictures having a good time, with #blessed just trying to show off? It may be more complicated than that.

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‘Time Well Spent’ features are the Marlboro Lights of the tech industry

via Mashable

TL;DR Takeaway

Tech giants Google, Apple, Facebook, and Instagram have released ‘Time Well Spent’ features that intend to give users a better idea of their usage how they are using their phones. The new feature has been met with skepticism and appears to be similar to the efforts of tobacco companies when they were faced with addiction. Similar to light cigarettes, ‘TIme Well Spent’ is a way for the companies to avoid government regulation by saying they’ll regulate the addiction themselves.

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Think tank urges social media sites to address mental health of young people

via Healthcare IT News

TL;DR Takeaway

The UK’s NHS officials recognize the “insidious grip” social media platforms have on people and its time these companies take responsibility. The NHS made a recent announcement in June that it will be creating a 10-year plan with mental health at the core. Chief Medical Officer for England will be reviewing the impact that technology has had on children and young people’s mental health.

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Friday's Feel Good Story

 Prepare to be impressed by these kid inventors featured on ‘The Tonight Show’

via A Plus

TL;DR Takeaway

Jimmy Fallon’s new feature “Fallonventions” invited three young inventors to show off their creations. After presenting each of their inventions, the kids were blown away by a surprise Jimmy Fallon had waiting for them.

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Tip of the Week

Health experts say parents need to drastically cut kids’ screen time

via CBS News

Is your child spending too much time on their devices and not getting enough activity? Health experts from the American Heart Association has offered their advice for parents in this situation.

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