Digital citizenship has become a trending topic among parents. Its now being realized that parents need to guide and assist children entering an online environment, and help navigate them through the challenges they’ll encounter. This week we’re going to shine a light on ways that we can empower children and youth to leaders in their online spaces. Kids have a great potential inspire one another and have a positive impact on their school and community, and they can do so by pushing father than just being a digital citizen, and rather a digital leader!

This Weeks Top Reads

Moving from digital citizenship to digital leadership

via eSchool News

TL;DR Takeaway

Take digital citizenship a step further and become a digital leader! But what does it mean to be a digital leader? A digital leader:

  • Uses social media to share ideas and empower others
  • Connects and collaborates with other to learn together
  • Is not afraid to show their work and share their creative outlets for the greater good
  • Is willing to share their thoughts with an open mind and respects for others.

Because educators can not follow children home, it’s important to make “what a digital leader looks like” a part of their conversations when talking about being online and on social media.

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How to Set A Good Example To Your Kids On Social Media

via Huffington Post

TL;DR Takeaway

As parents it’s important to set good examples for our kids and model the behaviour we want to see in them. This mindset can also apply to our use of social media.Setting ground rules that apply to the whole family is a great way to set clear expectations of behaviour and start leading by example. A parents social media use habits can greatly influence how their child views and uses social media themselves, so creating family agreements about screen time, appropriate behaviours, and privacy guidelines can start children on a good note with social media.

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How to Help Your Child Understand Their Digital Footprint

via The Tech Advocate

TL;DR Takeaway

Unfortunately in our world today, it is not hard for someone to find information on you. An individuals use of technology everyday leaves behind a digital footprint that is able to track personal information. But what happens when this individual is a child? How can we protect them from their information being shared with the wrong person? To best protect your child’s personal information, have a conversation with them about what they post and search for online. In addition, educate them about sharking only what is necessary, and limiting the sharing of their email, location, and any personally identifiable information

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Friday's Feel Good Story

Nurse Realizes Her Colleague is the Preemie Baby She Cared for 29 Years Ago

via A Plus

TL;DR Takeaway

Preemie baby Brandon Seminatore was born weighing only 2 pounds 6 ounces April 19, 1990. He was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford in Palo Alto, California. During his stay in the NICU, his primary care nurse was Vilma Wong. The two reconnected 28 years later when Siminatore started working at the very hospital he was born at. Things came full circle when Vilma recognized the name, and began sharing heartwarming stories and photos with each other.

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Tip of the Week

13 Tips for Monitoring Kids’ Social Media

via Parenting

For families with young children who are either on social media or are looking to set up their own account, here are a few tips for setting ground rules to help set your child up for success.

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