We’ve covered some heavier topics the past couple weeks. This week we are taking a little break from that. Some really interesting study’s on the human experience came out in the news which were all very interesting; so interesting in fact that we wanted to share them with you. Now in saying that 1/3 articles is on social media and your children; what can we say we are passionate about what we do and stand for!  TL;DR takeaways, paired with a lovely tip of the week and feel good story

This Weeks Top Reads

Transcript of “Lessons from the Longest Study on Human Development”

via Ted

TL;DR Takeaway

We cheated with this one. You don’t actually have to read, its a Ted Video but one we found very interesting. The video talks about the last 70 years worth of research on human development. Its fascinating and worth the watch. Nothing like using Science to back up your parenting choices!


via Cirque du Soleil

TL;DR Takeaway

Ccirque du Soleil partnered with Lab of Misfits and Dr. Beau Lotto to study the emotion of awe. The article goes through defining what awe is, including how it makes us feel including the physical reaction of increased heart, and hair-raising.  It shows how awe may be what drives our desire to be extraordinary and live indescribable moments. As it turns out feeling awe allows people to feel emotionally connected to others around them, and promotes pro-social behavior and a more open point of view. All from the hair raising moments of feeling awe struck. 

How to Balance Social Media

via Families Managing Media

TL;DR Takeaway

Some teens know how to balance their social media lives, and with parental help they make it through with few blunders. Others do not. This article goes on to talk about balanced use, warning signs, and how to prevent this technology from taking over your teenagers life.

Friday's Feel Good Story

For those of us in more northern colder climates, snow isn’t always the most welcome of sights. But if you’ve never seen snow before, it would be a pretty magical experience.

Tip of the Week

Negotiating Screen Time Rules

via Common Sense Media

When negotiating with your children on how much screen time they can have in a day here are a few important things to discuss: 

  • Time Limits
  • Content
  • Supervision
  • Multiplayer games/apps

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