How much screen time is too much? As an adult we like to think that we know when its time to take a break from the screen. But what about our children? It’s seems too be a Goldilocks and the Three Bears type situation: Too much screen time is bad, too little screen time ends in arguments, and then there’s the elusive just right.


This weeks 5 things to know is about length of time spent in front of screens for children an adults. Included in this edition are the much appreciated TL;DR takeaways, paired with a lovely tip of the week and feel good story.

This Weeks Top Reads

Screen Time vs. Green Time

via Nature Canada

TL;DR Takeaway

  • 87% of pre-school children and 85% of school-aged children do not meet the guidelines for adequate sleep, physical activity and screen time;
  • Students in grades 7 to 12 are spending up to 7 hours a day on screens, more than three and a half times the recommended limit of 2 hours per day;
  • Longer screen time has been linked with poor behavioural conduct and lower self-esteem
  • Time spent in nature and being active outdoors is beneficial to children’s health and overall well being, and helps improve their resiliency, academic performance and social skills; and
  • With less time spent outside in nature, children are losing opportunities to learn, explore, discover and understand our natural environment.

Health experts say parents need to drastically cut kids’ screen time

via CBS News

TL;DR Takeaway

This article is a little older but the message is still clear. Kids and adults are spending too much time in front of screens. The big takeaways from this article is that excessive screen time leads to sedentary behavior, worse sleep patterns, and much more. Our favorite takeaway from this one is for YOU to be present when your with your kids. As adults we set the tone for what is and isn’t acceptable. Be present and engaged with your children and teach them through example. 

How Much Screen Time is Too Much? It’s Complicated

via The Guardian 

TL;DR Takeaway

We thought we’d give you a slightly less regimented happier article to read. This one acknowledges the recommended screen time for children but raises the interesting point on quality time with their parents. Spending time engaging as a family over a screen is different to setting your child up with the iPad and letting them loose. As a parent when you are there you can set boundaries and make sure the content your children are taking in is quality and educational.


Friday's Feel Good Story

7 Times Ellen DeGeneres Proved Kindness Can Change the World

via SunnySkyz

TL;DR Takeaway

Human kindness can go a long way. An IKEA in Italy is providing a warm home for stray dogs during the freezing winter months. This is a nice reminder that its the small things that can make a world of difference.

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