What a crazy week.  Facebook has really made a bit of a mess of things.  As you can see this weeks post is going to be all about what the f happened.  For each article, we are also introducing the Too Lazy; Didn’t Read Takeaway (for those who refuse to read more) or in short, the TL;DR Takeaway.  So all of you who are too lazy and don’t want to read the whole article (which would include me if I wasn’t writing these things), we will give you one key paragraph as a takeaway.  So without further ado, enjoy this week’s 5 things to know: The What the F…book Edition.

This Weeks Top Reads

This Is So Much Bigger Than Facebook

via The Atlantic

TL;DR Takeaway

Data misuse is a feature, not a bug—and it’s plaguing our entire culture.

Speaking with Laurie Segall on CNN this week, Zuckerberg emphasized that Facebook would investigate other app makers to see if anyone else was selling psychographic data they’ve collected through the Graph API. But Zuck didn’t mention that Facebook’s business model is based on collecting this demographic and psychographic information and selling the ability to target ads to people using this data about them.

This is a known bug not just for Facebook and other social networks, but for the vast majority of the contemporary web.

A growing list of reasons to unfriend Facebook

via The Toronto Star

TL;DR Takeaway

Clearly you have already forgotten the infamous Facebook study of emotional contagion in which the emotional content in the news feed was purposefully raised and lowered to determine the effect on posting behaviours. Close to 700,000 Facebook users were the unwitting guinea pigs. The findings: when positive expressions were reduced, users produced fewer positive posts and more negative posts. And vice versa. Any parent of any teenage Facebook user would understand the nasty implications of the manipulation of emotion. Researchers noted that such emotional contagion would lead users to experience the same manipulated emotions with no awareness as to what was happening. That’s just terrifying.

Facebook’s Data-Sharing Was ‘Normal,’ Says Cambridge Academic At Center Of Scandal

via Forbes

TL;DR Takeaway

The world has now seen how the sausage gets made when advertisers quietly collect data on anyone who’s on Facebook, because one of Cambridge Analytica’s former staff has gone public.

“We created content,” Christopher Wylie said told The Guardian in a video interview posted over the weekend. “Then they see that, and they click it, and they go down the rabbit hole. It’s how they start to think differently.”

Friday's Feel Good Story

Ok so with all the craziness and swirling news around Facebook, privacy, data-safety etc. etc. etc. we didn’t want you to have to read a whole other story (even if it’s a good one).  We just wanted to give you a quick hit of cuteness overload to swing things back into positivity.  So in honor of National Puppy Day, sit back, relax, and enjoy two of the cutest puppy gifs we could find ?

Tip of the Week

How to enhance your Facebook security… or delete your account

via CTV News

Are you ready to #deletefacebook?  Or are you just wanting to find ways to enhance your privacy as best as you can. Take a look at this fairly in-depth guide from CTV.

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