This week is all about the addictive nature of social media, and the power that social influencers have on us. Our hope is that these articles will allow you to evaluate your own usage of social media and address whether you have a healthy or unhealthy relationship with it. The TL;DR Takeaways are for those (me included) who need a little intro to spark their interest to read more. And to cheer everyone up because we know it can be stressful at the end of the week, we picked a feel good story that is sure to make you ‘aweh’ in delight! Enjoy!

This Weeks Top Reads

Social media and celebrity culture ‘harming young people’

via The Guardian

TL;DR Takeaway

There is an increased pressure on youth to appear to have perfect lives online. Children as young as 10 are owning smartphones and similar devices, and feel that social media has altered their expectations about their appearance. Social media platforms are being found to be very influential, with a great number of youth being influenced by the people they see online. This influence can have a damaging effect on youths mental health. People at this age will require support from people close to them to maintain ties to reality.

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We all need to start using social media responsibly – or face the consequences

via The Next Web

TL;DR Takeaway

Social media arguably has its positive and negative traits. The tool can be great for communication, news, and staying in touch with those close to you. However, it can also be intrusive in people’s lives and become a large distraction in their daily life. The results from social media whether it be positive or more negative, it depends on how you use it.

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Facebook has become exhausting. Why are we still on it?

via Fast Company

TL;DR Takeaway

A first person account of the experience one has when being off Facebook for 10 days. Michael Grothaus expected this experience to be similar a withdrawal but was surprised by the revelation that it was a form of meditation. In the early days of the experiment, the muscle memory was strong and there were some withdrawal symptoms. However, those feelings subsided and Michael actually began to feel better mentally. He realized the exhausting effect that had on him from the obligatory birthday greetings all the way to the fake news.

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Friday's Feel Good Story

This heroic pup saved dozens of lives. Now there’s an adorable statue in her honor

via Upworthy

Frida a labrador retriever is a member of the Mexican Navy’s canine unit and has remarkably saved more than 50 lives in her career. A statue has been made in the pups honor noting “Memorable symbols of the strength that Mexicans can have when we decide to unite for a greater cause.”

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Tip of the Week

Cleanse yourself from your phone

via KETV

Why not try a digital detox? This doesn’t mean giving up your phone completely! A digital detox is simply about using your phone less, and using it in a less distracting and more appropriate way. Here’s a easy rundown to help you kick start your own digital detox.

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