June is National Internet Safety Month and a wonderful time to start a conversation within families about online safety and the appropriate use of social media. Every family is different, so we have provided a few articles to help initiate those conversations, and offer a few tips. We have included our TL;DR takeaways for those who want to read with ease, as well as a feel good story and tip of the week

This Weeks Top Reads

How much screen time is too much for kids? It’s complicated

via The Guardian

TL;DR Takeaway

For many families raising their children in the digital age, it is a battle over screen time on their devices. Good news for parents, research suggests that it’s not so much about the length of time, as oppose to the nature of the screen time that truly matters.

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A future society driven by tech must have freedom at it’s heart

via City A.M.

TL;DR Takeaway

Technology has always sought to enhance personal freedoms. That theory instills that with each movement forward of industrial progress, we can make life easier and put our brains to better use. “The pace of change is breathless, and the complexity of tasks that technology will be able to take on is ever expanding”. However, with these opportunities comes challenges, which will questions peoples readiness for the transformation of the near future.

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New Data: Teens Online ‘Almost Constantly,’ But Not on Facebook

via Inc.

TL;DR Takeaway

Numerous people are still using Facebook, but its popularity with the teen demographic is plummeting. Facebook is now more populated with batty aunts and late adopting grandparents than it is teens, however, teens are still very much consumed with social media. This mass consumption is being found to coincide with a rise in teen anxiety and loneliness. There’s little doubt that you have not heard this already, it’s high time you and your family start being thoughtful and mindful about your screen time.  

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Friday's Feel Good Story

People are praising a Texas teacher who provided a snack for students ahead of a big exam

via A Plus

TL;DR Takeaway

A Texas teacher makes a small gesture to his students that made a lasting impression. Brian Johnston, an English teacher at Clear Springs High School in League City, made roughly 50 Pb&j sandwiches for his students going into their three-hour AP exam. Often the kind gestures made by teachers like Brian go unnoticed, but the positive impact it has on his students helped them through their exam, and made a lasting impression.

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Tip of the Week

U.S. Cellular provides contract for kids to use technology wisely

via Community News

Since June is National Internet Safety Month, it is a great time to start conversations about what appropriate device use is, and here are just a few highlighted safety rules that kids and parents should start considering together.

  • Be careful about what you share
  • Only access approved content
  • Embrace smartphone etiquette
  • Limit screen time
  • Device free dinners
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