The integration of social media and other helpful applications into our daily lives is done so effortlessly. We spend excessive amounts of time on these sites without noticing it, and without question, we immediately grab our phone to answer a notification or text message. In ways these applications have helped connect us, however, they also pose as a great distraction in our offline life. That very theme of ‘time well spent’ is the topic for our various favourite articles of the week. To save you our readers time, we have again included our TL;DR Takeaways that give a brief highlight of each article. This weeks feel good story is one of our teams favourites, and we’re sure it’ll make you want to “aweh” in glee! Please enjoy!

This Weeks Top Reads

Parents worry about their teens’ smartphone habits. But what about their own?

via The Washington Post

TL;DR Takeaway

Research conducted by Pew Research Center suggests the smartphone habits of teens and their parents are worrisome. While teens are typically defined as always being on their phone, teens themselves are arguing that their parents are just as distracted by their device. Excessive phone use has been linked to addiction and mental health problems, with nearly half of teens studied feeling ‘anxious’ without their phones. This trend however is now not only tied to young people, it is also applying to their parents.

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People Who Base Their Self-Worth on Others Are More Likely to Be Facebook Addicts

via Motherboard

TL;DR Takeaway

Internet addiction can come in varying forms, but is defined as “individuals who excessively socially network through Facebook, with detrimental effects on their lives.” Scientists are linking the addiction to social network sites like Facebook to low self-esteem. These sites cause users to depend on the acceptance of others to help validate themselves. This correlation is still being explored more, but it can be easy to conclude that sites like facebook certainly have its addictive traits.

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Schools are Mining Students’ Social Media Posts for Signs of Trouble

via Wired

TL;DR Takeaway

Algorithms may be the newest addition to back to school traditions. A school district in Battle Creek, Michigan is introducing a social media monitoring device system for their students. This new system will sift through keywords and flag content it deems concerning. This monitoring tool is being marketed as a resource to help prevent everything from sexting and bullying, all the way to school shootings. Programs such as the one being used here are gaining traction along with raising concerns for youth safety online.

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Friday's Feel Good Story

21 Adorable Burritos That will Instantly Improve your Day 

via Buzzfeed

TL;DR Takeaway

Nothing better than animals wrapped all warm in blanket burritos to get your weekend started off right!

We’ll take this extra small burrito to go please!

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Tip of the Week

Video Games you can say yes to after school

via Common Sense Media

As parents are you using video game time as a reward to doing homework and chores? Or do you prohibit them all together in hopes your child will occupy themselves some other way. If you’re a parent in this dilemma you may be pleased to hear that there is research that shows positive effects from video games. However not all games are encouraging learning and brain conditioning, so here is a list of approved games to make it easier to find ones that can be both parent and child approved.

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