Digital literacy is becoming a trending topic when it comes to children online and on social media platforms. With many of the sites children are accessing being so new, it can be difficult to determine with research if these activities have positive or negative effects on children’s mental health and well-being. We have gathered our favourite articles of the week in the hope that it will help parents talk to their children about being positive and responsible online.

This Weeks Top Reads

Facebook launches Digital Literacy Library to help young people use the internet responsibly

via The Verge

TL;DR Takeaway

With more and more young people joining social media platforms and spending time online, it’s important to help children develop the skills to help them navigate these spaces safely. Facebook is one of the platforms that is developing resources to assist youth in using the internet in a positive and responsible way. A critique of the program held by Facebook is that the topic of “fake news” is missing from the lessons, and how kids can identify it when they come across it. The program has a total of 18 lessons provided in English, with plans to expand to 45 languages in the future.

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How Much is Too Much Screen Time for Kids?

via Bloomberg

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Are screens disrupting childhood? Maybe? There is evidence that if kids spend their time on social media sharing positive content and information that it can make people more happy. However, like anything, this form of activity needs to be managed by parents to ensure there is no excessive time spent on social media. However, evidence of whether social media is good or bad is relatively new, making it difficult to decide if it is a serious threat to children

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Facebook slips, Instagram drops, and Twitter tumbles in customer satisfaction survey

via NBC News

TL;DR Takeaway

Social media is now the lowest scoring category of all e-businesses surveyed by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) 2018 E-Business Report. Satisfaction rates of the most popular social media platforms is dropping due to intrusive ads and privacy concerns. The study reveals that Facebook users believe that the platform “by far had the worst privacy protection in social media.” Due to public scandals where data was shared with third parties, users of the platform have lost trust in the protection of their private information.

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Friday's Feel Good Story

This Photographer Pays Clever Tribute to Madonna with the Help of his Adorable Dog, Max

via A Plus

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Photographer Vincent Flouret recreated Madonna’s most iconic moments in the best way possible – with his guest model, his 6 year old dog Max.

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Tip of the Week

5 Ways to Overcome Online Social Media Fatigue for Mental Well-Being

via Forbes

Always being connected to the online world, and frequenting our social media pages several times per day can be overwhelming and cause mental fatigue. Here are 5 ways that you can minimize the negative symptoms of excessive social media use, and how you can be more mindful when you are using social media.

  1. Step away
  2. Be selective
  3. Less is more
  4. Be creative
  5. Be authentic
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