Social media definitely comes with its own high a low points. One of the low points that has been in the news more frequently is the addictive qualities the various social platforms that are often compared to drug addictions.  We’ve collected some of our top articles that dive into this behavioural addiction to hopefully give you the readers some more clarity on the subject. Each article as always has our TL;DR takeaways because we know that we all have busy lives. As well, we have a fun feel good story and tip of the week to start off the weekend.

This Weeks Top Reads

Why Instagram Makes You, Me, and Selena Gomez Feel Bad

via Medium

TL;DR Takeaway

Even when you reach the level of Fame Selena Gomez has as being the most followed person on Instagram, this aren’t always easy. Her relationship with social media is described as complex, as it empowers her by allowing her to use her own voice and speak her truth. On the other hand, she believes it gives her fans and followers a false representation of what’s important. The contradiction between how Selena is as herself, and how she presents herself on her Instagram gets to the heart of the problem with Instagram and other similar social media platforms.

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Is Social Media As Addictive As Cocaine

via theFix

TL;DR Takeaway

Comparing social media addiction to hard drugs, such as cocaine, can be irresponsible and take away the real problems that are affecting the tech world. The brain releases dopamine when a person is looking through their social media sites, but that release is not the same as one a person would have when taking drugs, which has around 10-15 times higher levels of dopamine. There is a call for more research on this topic and transparency between social media companies, researchers, and the public.

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Social media addiction can cause as much damage as drugs

via The National Editorial

TL;DR Takeaway

When thinking of addiction, the mind often thinks of drugs and alcohol. Dr. Al Khayyat explains that children over-exposed to online games and social media are showing signs of developing a digital dependency. This dependency is behavioural, and at young ages it can stunt emotional growth according the Dr. Al Khayyat. Engaging in face-to-face contact, using different learning techniques that engaging, and putting gadgets away for periods of time are all techniques for managing technology dependency.  

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Friday's Feel Good Story

Girl Scouts can earn 30 new badass badges in cybersecurity, space science, and more!

via A Plus

TL;DR Takeaway

Girl Scouts is introducing 30 new badges for hand-on learning in cyber security, environmental advocacy, mechanical engineering, robotics, computer science, and space exploration. This range of STEM and environmental goals for girls to reach with prepare them for the societal needs that are before them.

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Tip of the Week

Experts offer tips to help parents manage kids’ technology use this summer

via The Morning Sun

Here are a few tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) on how to balance the health, education, and entertainment needs on your child over the summer break.

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