5 Things To Know This Week: #KidsInspireKids Edition

Happy May the 4th! In honor of this very special day, we are using some Jedi Mind tricks to focus on the positive power of social media.

(please use your best Yoda voice as you read this) 👉 Inspire others, you should. 

This week we are going to highlight people using social media for good, to inspire and to help change lives. As always, we will be providing our TL;DR Takeaway.  So without further ado, enjoy this week’s 5 things to know: The #KidsInspireKids Edition.

This Weeks Top Reads


via The Child Mind Institute

TL;DR Takeaway

This May actors, athletes, social influencers, businesspeople and more are sending messages of hope about their experience growing up with a mental health or learning disorder.

Please take the time to support this wonderful campaign and add you own message of hope.

Love Is Louder

via Love Is Louder

TL;DR Takeaway

Love is Louder is a community of people working together to create a world where everyone feels more connected and supported. Visit their site and help support and grow this amazing community!

How do you make a bullied kid feel like a superhero? Turn them into one, of course.

via Upworthy

TL;DR Takeaway

Inspired by the trailer for “The Avengers,” photographer and digital artist Josh Rossi partnered with Vero to create “The Avengers of Bullying,” a photo series dedicated to really awesome kids who have experienced bullying. They get to play dress up as incredible bad-guy-fighting Marvel superheroes.  You’ll have to click through to see the wonderful images!

Friday's Feel Good Story

The feed good story comes right from Mazu!  We have been calling for inspirational messages from kids for kids.  Here is a taste of what we have received so far! 😁

Tip of the Week

Common Sense Media Parent Resources

via Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media has a great range of parent resources around social media and technology use related to children and families.  Take a look!

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