The ways of social media can be a challenge as they are ever changing. Children are growing up native in these online social environments and don’t know a world without the various social media platforms out there. This weeks edition has a few of our favourite articles that offer advice to parents who want to help guide, and protect their child online. As per usual, we’ve included our TL;DR Takeaways to make things easy for everyone, and a Friday feel good story and tip of the week.

This Weeks Top Reads

Tips on helping children navigate in the social media world

via Pentagram

TL;DR Takeaway

We are in a time where there are children who dont know a world before social media. These kids have grown up around the technology and the use of it is as normal as drinking water. The challenge that occurs from this is that inexperienced parents often lack the skills in these areas that are so natural to their kids. For parents who are in the midst of these issues, try asking yourself these two critical questions

  • How can you teach your children to use social media in a way that is safe for them?
  • How can they be taught to use it in a way that is beneficial?
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Bandon Youth Cafe blames closure on impact of social media on teens

via Irish Examiner

TL;DR Takeaway

Shan Lynch’s youth café ‘Funky Fish’ was forced to close its doors, primarily believed to be because of the changing behaviour of teens due to their social media use. This café catered to teenagers in 2006, acting as a social hub that offered a variety of entertainment. This café was thriving, but in recent months it closed its doors. The owner believes that with social media teens no longer need to go out as much to socialize with their peers. Social media allows teens to be so connected online, they no longer need to go out like they used to.

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Does the rise of social media addiction warrant regulation? Experts have their say

via Verdict

TL;DR Takeaway

Experts believe that the use of social media apps are downplaying addiction and making it far too commonplace. The various social media apps available inhibit a compulsive nature, one in which we need to pay more attention to. The companies however shouldn’t need to take full responsibility, governments, schools, and parents all need to collaborate to tackle social media addiction.

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Friday's Feel Good Story

Malala has changed the world for the better. These 5 young women are too.

via Upworthy

TL;DR Takeaway

It’s an understatement to say that these activists are inspiring. Despite hardship and turmoil, these young women were able to find voices within themselves and take a stand.

It proves that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, how old you are, or which gender you identify with, if you put your mind to it, anyone can make a difference.

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Tip of the Week

What Families Need to Know About Screen Time This Summer

via nprED

Now that it’s summer, kids have a lot more free time that needs to be filled. Here are a few tips for parents to manage the beeping, buzzing, and screen time for their children.

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