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Social Media with Manners

Inspire Kids. Empower Parents.

Mazu promotes mindful interactions based on core values, fun activities designed to build emotional intelligence and exclusive experiences kids won't find anywhere else. Join Mazu!

Mainstream social media isn't designed for kids.

Mazu is.

In Mazu, you can join communities that you care about. Share ideas, stories, images and more to the village. Engage in moderated group chats. Chase engagement not likes. Discover something new in the heart of Mazu.

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So what is Mazu?

What is Mazu, how does it work and why we're here.

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Be a part of the movement to change the digital landscape of social media for children and families.

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Here at, we believe that everyone has the power to choose kindness and Mazu Family makes is easy for kids and families to do kind acts everyday! Through their colorful and fun app, we're able to build connections, inspire action, and make positive impact both in the digital world and the real one.
Thank you, Mazu Family, for helping us spread cyberkindness.

Amelia EriksonCommunity Builder,

At Cultures of Dignity we are excited to have joined Mazu, a new social media platform for connecting families that focuses on mindfulness and positive core values in our communities. Our community page on Mazu serves as a place for youth, parents, and educators to ask questions and wonder about the things that happen in school (and other places too) but isn’t really taught. We’ll be asking questions and we hope you do to!

KatieDirector of Marketing, Cultures of Dignity

Knowing what social media apps to let your kids use is totally overwhelming. I appreciate mazu making it easy and for the teaching points about responsible use of social media the platform provides for kids.

C.HoyMazu User, iOS review

I heard about this when Mr.B told us about it at S.C.R.E.A.M. week at school, so I downloaded it, and I love it! You can’t keep kids away from the internet, to just make the internet safer, and for productive. It’s GENIUS! I love how it makes you think about the value of what you’re posting. I love it and recommend it for parents who are worried about their kids using social media.

starwars206Mazu User, iOS review


Sonia Amelia RayMazu User, Android review

Beautiful! This is the new frontier of social. Teaching children and reminding adults to be kind. Great place for kids to engage!

Mobile35Mazu User, iOS review