Safe Social Media
for Families

Inspire Kids. Empower Parents.

Mainstream social media is not safe for kids.

Mazu is.

Kids and families need a safe space where they can grow, be inspired and practice mindful digital citizenship skills. This is why we exist.

  • Identity Verification – Full Automation April 2019

  • We Never Sell Your Data

  • Human & AI Moderation

  • Language Filters

  • 24/7 Protection & Safety


All public posts are both human and AI moderated to ensure content is in line with Mazu’s values.  Your family’s safety is our top priority.


COPPA compliant, Mazu never sells your family’s data.  Your family’s content is safe.


Confidently communicate with your family in our chat.  Content is AI moderated for your family’s safety.


Develop digital citizenship skills in a digital environment that is values-centered.

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Enhanced Identity Verification

Our Mission

Mazu is a safe, family-centric platform where kids and families can connect. Learn more about Mazu's Mission here.

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Parent Portal

As a parent, you care about your child’s online safety and wellbeing and that's why we are here. Check out our parent resources.

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Love A Million

Built to bring awareness to all caring adults, the Love a Million Campaign is shedding light on the need for change in digital for kids and families.

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