Social Media is unhealthy for children

Mazu is the solution

Welcome to Mazu, a new kind of social media. Designed for all ages with a focus on love, mindfulness and positive core values. We are a solution for the mental and emotional health issues arising from digital use and abuse.

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All you need is LOVE

Love is all you need

We know, we stole it from the Beatles. It doesn't make it any less true. Deep down, to be loved is what we are all striving for. Not likes. Not follows. We believe in the positive power of love and its effect on our mental and emotional wellbeing. Love is where we nurture one another. Mazu was built with this love deep in it’s core, encouraging posting with positive intent and a mindfulness that helps create conversations, communities, interactions and experiences where we can all feel good, feel healthy, feel loved.

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Love is all you need
Love your neighbour
It takes a Village

Communities are the key

Communities bring us together, build comradery, provide social support, and bring vibrancy and interest to our lives. Helping people, showing mutual respect and being positively influenced by others in a community is a paramount factor that contributes to a child's positive mental health. They are a vital part of the Mazu experience for the whole family, so why not come take a stroll through our communities and add your voice, it won’t be the same without you.

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It's time to take control

Safety and Moderation in Mazu

We treasure and protect our loved ones, and go to great lengths to keep our family and children safe. At Mazu we understand this and prioritize the safety of the whole family. Users verify their identity, so that everyone is who they say they are and all are accountable ( tracking, no storing nor selling of data and no ads.)
Using artificial intelligence, human moderation, and strict privacy settings that parents can take control of, we make keeping your family safe easy.

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The Heart of Mazu

The lifeblood of the Mazu Experience. Take a challenge, make someone’s day. Give love.


Just launching in Mazu! Communicate and interact with like minded communities, sharing content, stories and information.

The Village

Post and share content with all of Mazu tied to core values. No more unconscious behavior. Content with a purpose, a village with heart.


Chat with friends and family one on one, or start group chats! Parental controls ensure parents have visibility and control over young users and who they are allowed to chat with.

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